Periscope sensor in Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max? We know up until this point this

Periscope sensor in Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max? We know up until this point this

The Cupertino giant, Apple has been the biggest technology giant bringing more such innovations to its users, and one of the main innovations is the periscope lens introduced with the all-new upcoming Apple iPhone 15 Pro. expected to go. Max which will be introduced in 2024.

Although periscope lenses are not the latest technology you can get now! The technology that supports periscope camera lenses is already out there with many Android phones within the consumer market. The smartphones that include periscope lenses belong to popular innovative smartphone brands including Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo Huawei and even Oppo, so Apple is not getting a stake for being called the first brand to bring a periscope sensor!!

To add more to this, of course the Periscope lens on the iPhone is going to be the first thing Apple does. However for many Apple chiefs who want to get their hands on the 14 series iPhone, which will launch in September, there are hints about what will be next year’s timeline for the iPhones.

Apple confirms 15 Pro Max with Periscope lens?

The hype for the 14 series has been high! But reports are suggesting the latest leaked iPhones say that the supply chains that are responsible for producing the iPhones are also ensuring the true slow movement of materials to get periscope lenses for the higher variants in the 15 series iPhones. Which includes both the iPhone 15 Pro. And the iPhone 15 Pro Max too. Apple will bring periscope camera lenses to all variants of the iPhone 16 series.

Periscope Camera Capabilities

Popular Apple analyst Min Chi Koo confirmed that the smartphone’s periscope lens will come with 6X zoom capabilities as well as a 12MP 1/3 sensor with ‘sensor-shift stabilization’ capabilities.

Talking more about magnification, there are already two higher versions of iPhone 13 series including Pro and Pro Max versions that support 3x zoom lens, so maybe 15 series will support double magnification of the previous model.

It’s an Apple thing, where Apple tries to bring innovation to the masses, and generally, technology giants focus on bringing more improvements with cameras, so we’re not surprised by Apple’s plan to bring periscope sensors. Should be. We will update you with more details about the smartphone in the coming days.

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