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Couple Friendly Hotels Near Me Pamgarh : India as a country has been entertaining many old social values embedded within people regarding relationships. Couple friendly hotels in Pamgarh Indians are trying to change and as a society is rapidly marching towards oyo rooms Pamgarh for unmarried couples modernization in the past few decades. The perspectives of the Indians have gradually changed with education, freedom, self-awareness, and privacy. Developments have undoubtedly aided us in becoming more accepting and accessible regarding a variety of issues in society. Though, there are still many people who have different opinions about different relationships. There’s definite discrimination towards unmarried couples.

Nowadays people go on trips with their family, friends, and partners. But somehow, there are always difficulties for unmarried couples to get hotel rooms, oyo rooms near me for unmarried couples and often are disrespected and charged extra. The privacy of these couples in India is very little. People often scoff at couples who walk together hand in hand or spend time together in parks. Often, these couples find it difficult to see each other alone and enjoy spending time together.

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There is no law in the country, which says that unmarried couples cannot stay together but still many people either treat them differently or guilt trip them into believing that they’re doing something illegal.

When asked officials have said these things regarding this topic:

“Unmarried couples can be in a live-in relationship, check in to hotel rooms, and do whatever they want. There are no laws and restrictions on it.” Taj Hassan Delhi Police Chief Spokesperson

Quint, 29th July 2016

“There is no law that prohibits unmarried couples from staying together in hotels. Choosing to stay together is a personal choice and falls under freedom of movement, which cannot be restricted.”

Senior Advocate Sudha Ramalingam

News Minute, 19th May 2015

We definitely can’t change people’s perspectives and unmarried couples are almost always at the receiving end in India. We can learn and get informed in regards to unmarried couples’ rights and accept that being neither an unmarried couple nor staying together in a room is anyway illegal and they have their right to get rooms for themselves. The Indian Supreme Court makes no mention of it being unlawful for unmarried couples to reserve a hotel room. There isn’t a single piece of legislation that says an unmarried couple can’t stay together in a hotel. In reality, refusing to provide unmarried couples a room is a violation of their fundamental rights.

These are a few things that unmarried couples should keep in their mind before booking a hotel room

It is common for hotel employees to express themselves in an unsolicited manner. As a result of their intentional behaviors and the atmosphere in which they operate, they may make you feel uncomfortable.

A hotel’s staff presumes that an unmarried couple is a defaulter when they book a room for an extended period of time to spend private time together.

When you go to your hotel in order to book a room, you may get asked many questions which may look like investigatory questions and can make you believe that you are doing something wrong.

It would be a definite lie if a hotel employee informed you that the accommodation of unmarried couples is illegal. There is no restriction on staying with a partner or booking a room for an adult.

You might not be given a room together, either denied straight away or the hotel owners might try to ‘moral police’ you.

Be confident and don’t fear when booking a hotel room so that no one can blackmail you or threaten you.

These are the requirements for unmarried couples to book a room in the hotel

ID Proof- Hotels ask for your government ID proof to book a room. Some hotels do accept local ID Proof such as your AADHAR CARD and some may not accept it. The hotel would want to check your ID the first thing if you turn up with an unmarried partner. They will keep the scanned copies of your details and return the originals to you. This is just for safety and authentication purposes and is nothing to be worried about. Both individuals must have their own identity proof.

Age limit – The primary guest must be at least 18 years of age to be able to check into the hotel. It is mandatory for guests to present a valid photo identification document at the time of check-in. The Hotel reserves the right to check photo identification. All hotels do mention the age limit of their guests in their policies.



Applications- One can book a room online through many applications available on the internet for example OYO, MAKEMYTRIP, FABHOTELS, and many more. Download the application on your phone, and choose the place, the ideal hotel room you want, the date, the timing, and the requirements needed. Once you’re done with it choose your payment method using a card or UPI. Your booking will be confirmed. You can show the confirmation at reception or ask about your booking directly. You may have to show your ID proof.

Websites- Websites are easier and more convenient when booking online hotel rooms. You’ll have to search for the hotel and check the availability of the room, date, and time. Websites give you a vast range of choices regarding hotels. You can go on different booking sites which will give you a listing of all the hotels around and you can check the prices, and reviews and compare it with other hotels, choose the best you like. Make the payment via card, UPI, or cash as per the hotel’s requirement.


Booking by calling the Hotel- One may call the hotel of choice directly and book their rooms after asking other necessary questions, you may let them know earlier about the date and time of your check-in. At times there are often mistakes regarding online booking and online payments hence many people still prefer the offline method.

Booking directly at the hotel – You can directly go to the hotel, ask about the availability of the room, price, and other necessary questions, and simply check in.